A LA VITA UNICA Ring is not only a piece of jewellery. It tells the story of your life. Get information about the production here.

Highest quality & perfection


LA VITA UNICA rings are crafted on the most modern German full-automatic high precision lathes and milling machines. They are lathed out of solid gold tubes, that guarantees the highest quality in material properties and density. This also guarantees an incomparable durable, perfect, shining and non-porous surface. Classical golden rings are poured and thus habe blemishes due to cast holes or inclusions.

All the stones, this incluedes the diamonds on the outer edge as well as the personalized stones in the middle of the ring, are manufactured individually by hand by trained craftsmen. High precision, longstanding expertise and routine are prerequisites for this work.

Each indiviual juwel is quality checked at our in-house diamond- and colour-stone laboratory. Only once they have fulfilled our high LA VITA UNICA standards, are they are given production approval. All LA VITA UNICA diamonds are H/SI and with an excellent cut. Additionally our diamonds follow the Kimberly process, meaning that their origin is from a 100% conflict-free zone  and they are NOT so called “Blood Diamonds”

Our coloured stones come from Thailand, Burma, Tanzania, Brasil, Namibia, India, Australia etc. and are chosen according to perfect colour intensity. All “fancy-cuts” like heart or trillion are hand-cut and therefore unique.

At the end of production, the unique manufactured rings go through several quality control processes. Once all quality criterias has been checked and fulfilled by the goldsmith, each ring receives its own unique serial-number and your individual LA VITA UNICA ring is ready for delivery.