Forever and ever, a diary of your life, set in gold, sparkling like each and every one of yor magical moments.

Once upon
a time

The idea behind LA VITA UNICA

Once upon a time - the story of LA VITA UNICA could begin this way, however it is a true story inspired by my own life.

I lived happy and satisfied with my family in our house out in the country and everything was all perfect. But since years I suffered from health problems, which I constantly ignored. And the situation gradually got worse. My quality of life decreases day by day, month by month and I had to skip more and more family activites.Doctors and Specialists made it pretty clear to me that I would need a surgery in order to survive. I was told that the surgery was very risky and could result in serious complications. They advised me to discuss it with my loved ones. How would my wife survive alone with the kids? What about their future without a father, and her future without a husband? The possibility of not returning from the hospital was very scary and it was a very emotional time.

The surgery was scheduled close to my wife´s birthday I intended to give her a very special gift, perhaps my last one. It had to be a jewelry, a precious piece, something exctraordinary. Beeing from a fourth  generation of jewelers I had a lot of experience and knowledge, nevertheless I was looking for something different.

I needed a  ring – one that would encompass all the special moments my wife and I had shared in our life together. A ring that told the story of our life, that kept the memories alive forever. A diary of life, golden and shining …like our special moments together. The magic of the selected juwels would reflect the moments and events, that were so  important for us and they would keep the memories alive forever.

The ring was manufactured by a goldsmith according to my design, my ideas and my requirements. Every juwel stood for a chapter in our book of life. I will never forget the moment when I handed the ring over to my wife . We both cried and that moment will be forever in our hearts.

Fortunately the surgery was successful, and I feel better and healthier than ever. Our book is not closed yet, more chapters will be written and adapted to the ring and these memories will last forever. Not one single day goes by that my wife is not wearing her ring, carrying the story of our life and  love forever with her.

This was the story of the first LA VITA UNICA ring… and more stories are waiting to be told.

The Idea