Every ring of LA VITA UNICA is unique .Get inpsired by a small selection of lifetime stories.

The Story of your Life


In my LA VITA UNICA ring, the following stones tell the story of my life. The ruby heart symbolizes the love for my husband. The classical diamond reminds me of our wonderful wedding.

The square green emerald denotes our lovely home surrounded by nature. The blue triangular sapphire reminds me of the water birth of our first son who loves water more than anything else. With him we were finaly a family. The blue topaz tells the story of my second sun who was very ill for the first years of his life. The tear shape representsthe many tears that I shed during this time. The next gemstone I will add will be the birthstone for my zodiac sign.


With LA VITA UNICA I can preserve the most important moments of my life in gold. I was very pleased to be able create this piece of jewellery by myself. My favourite gold is rose combined with white. 

For my birthtown in Kazakhstan and the vivid childhood memories only the yellow sapphire drop was considered. The brilliance of the pink sapphire heart is for my big love.

The most important purpose of life is my family and a comfortable home - which is why I chose the oval diamond. The birth of my first son is represented witha wquare blue sapphire,and for the youngest son I liked the peridot marquise the most.

I have already cosen a trillion tanzanite for the studies that will hopefully be concluded very soon. All that is waiting now is fot it to be set into the ring...


I chose the first stone in a heart shape with my favourite colour for my husband. The second is for our beautiful home, that also has the same shape and colour. The next four stones are for my  children as I see them. The colours and shapes correspond with their character and nature.